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The physical fireproofing subareas that breaks up the whole into parts
Smoke-exhausting, Evacuation, Ventilation, Lighting
!!The innovative scheme for large buildings

Advanced technology
I. The features of the large buildings;
Enlarged, Courtyard, Comfortable, Multifunctional

II. The problems in the fire protection design for large buildings
a) Difficulty in fireproofing segregation
b) Difficulty in personnel evacuation
c) Difficulty in the extinguishing and rescue
d) Low space utilization ratio

III. The role of the automatically opened (automatic in opening) skylight
Fireproofing subarea!!Provides effective physical space segregation in the building and thus divides the large building into several compartments nearly independent to each other to prevent the spreading of fire;
Rapid smoke-exhausting!!The exhausting ability enhanced to diminish and avoid effectively the harm of smoke for the people;
Extinguishing and rescue !!Organizes and launches the fire extinguishing and rescue effectually;
Economic benefit!!Programs the commercial space appropriately to improve the utilization ratio of it;
Horizontal evacuation!!The illustration of the functionalized fireproofing design philosophy of Horizontal evacuationOnce the skylight (roof) upon the segregation courtyard opened'the de-functionalized vestibules will become the most immediate evacuation direction for the people in hazard therefore they may be evacuated not only vertically but also horizontally to the parallel adjacent building areas in diverse directions;
Cost reduction!!The cost will be highly reduced by the cancellation of the segregation and control system of the vertical fire resisting shutters in the courtyard of the building. Usually in the seasons such as spring or autumn the skylight may be open to facilitate the ventilation and lighting naturally which will lower the energy consumption for air-condition and lighting.
Building courtyard Segregation courtyard Horizontal vestibules
Horizontal evacuation direction

IV. No automatically opened function:
Must be opened manually'which is rather disadvantageous to the fire protection.

V. High cost:
Unfavorable to its popularization'for example, the mobile skylight project for the National Olympic Center, the Nest was abandoned because of the tremendous cost of it.
The automatically opened skylight system of Dafeng Co. will provide four opening modes including electric, manual, fireproofing linked and automatic with no outer energy to meet needs in the normal, abnormal and emergency conditions with the merits of short opening time, durable wind resistance and automatization etc. Besides, the design has an abundant consideration on the adverse factors such as the inflation and shrinkage caused by the weather changes. Especially the function of automatic opening (automatically opened) with no outer energy supplied will enable the skylight to open automatically even if the fireproofing signals have not been sent to successfully or the fireproofing power has been cut off, which will immensely enhance the reliability in opening.

The Dafeng Automatically opened skylight has five advantages
I. Large area for smoke-exhausting;
The specification of one automatically opened skylight is 10m〜9m in area and may be adjusted if needed. The opening of the skylight is translational with the area for smoke-exhausting more than 95% of its size which has got an achievement in smoke exhausting more remarkable than its peers home and abroad.

II. Swift reaction;
The skylight will be completely open in 45 seconds to implement the fireproofing partition and effective smoke exhausting

III. Favorable in energy conservation and lighting;
The top roof of the automatically opened skylight is made of the most advanced LOWE glass with glued inner layer which has got widely approved by the construction trade in energy saving, lighting enhancing, heat insulation and precipitation resistance;

IV. Superior reliability;
a) Reliable opening;
The automatically opened skylight has four opening modeselectric, manual, fireproofing linked and automatic with no outer energy. In normal condition the skylight may be opened electrically in fire protection centre to offer the nicer lighting and enhance the ventilation; and in abnormal condition the skylight can be opened manually on site to start the fire protection and exhaust the smoke immediately and in emergency, once the temperature is out-of-tolerance, the skylight will open automatically, divide the building instantly into several independent and segregated parts and rapidly exhaust the smoke to gain time for the rescue and reduce the loss in fire.
b) Reliable performance;
Enduring in various atrocious weathers, the skylight will have got no distortion, damage or leakage at all.

V. High cost performance;
The Dafeng automatically opened skylight, if adopted, will reduce apparently the cost of the air-condition and the courtyard under it will need no more fireproofing facilities such as fire resisting shutters which will, to some extent, shrink the construction cost.
Tested and verified strictly by the relevant supervision departments and institutions of technology, the Dafeng automatically opened skylight have got widely approved by the experts from the fields including construction, mechanical and control and the fire departments in its technological advantage as well as equipment reliability, as a result of which, it has been reputed as the most excellent skylight facility for the large buildings nowadays.

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