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The lighting system design is of world-class level. The system configuration and functions meet the requirements of lighting for modern theaters, concert halls, studio, television relaying, and stadiums, etc. There has been thoroughconsidera- tion taken of the perspective, expandability, rationality, and good cost-efficiency of the system to make the system remainits leading position for quite long a period of time.

The lighting system is design up to or exceeding the country's relevant standards:
°Ů°°Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings JGJ/T16-92
°Ů°°Design Code for Theater JGJ57-2000/J67-2001
°Ů°°Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings GBJ16-92 (Revised in 1995)
°Ů°°Code for Fireproofing Design of Wires and Cables Used in Civil Buildings DGJ08-93-2002
°Ů°°Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electric-lighting Device of Electrical Equipment Installation Project GB50259-96
°Ů°°Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Electrical Installation in Building GB 50303-2002
°Ů°°Code for Inspection and Acceptance of Electric-lighting Device Installation Project at 1kV or Below GB 50258-96

Advanced technology
°Ű   Professional lighting system applying advanced computer-assisted calculation and design applying lighting 3D design software

°Ű   Professional lighting system flow dimming system

°Ű   Professional lighting system flow special effects lighting control system

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